The catering

Vegetable garden at Villa 55

Concerned about the quality of the baked goods at Villa 55, allow you to eat healthy is our priority. At Villa 55 so we are practicing permaculture to grow without pesticides, all in harmony with nature, another way to feed respecting the environment. So you can taste the various vegetables through our tagines, couscous, rediscover the taste of each food and take time to stroll the aisles of the garden.

restauration-marrakechDiscover the subtleties of Moroccan cuisine in an idyllic setting at a lunch or dinner at the poolside! Subtle and refined dishes made with passion you will appreciate daily the variety of Moroccan cuisine: couscous, tagine, pastilla, keftas … Our chef also regular quality French dishes and recipes of Mediterranean inspiration.

Breakfast :
Breakfast is built around the famous pancakes “msmen” accompanied by fresh fruit juice, a hot drink and our famous homemade bread. We also offer cereals, fruit salads, yogurt … and any other product that could satisfy you.

Prices of meals (per person excluding drinks) :

Menu lunch (residents) :

Lunch (main course + dessert): 195 dhs

Lunch (main course): 140 dhs

Poolside lunch menu (outdoor) :

Lunch (starter, main and dessert) : 250 dhs

Menu dinner :

Starter, main and desser : 275 dhs

+ Dessert : 220 dhs